About Our Inventor: Maurice Winslow Raynor

Born in Bermuda, Maurice Winslow Raynor has been an inventor for many years. Early in his career, and also for many years, he was a licensed contractor, and a union, carpenter by trade, he developed an  amazing talent to work  on totaled out cars, & restore them completely.  His first invention, a multidirectional roller skate device and method of using. & the  second, is a  bicycle having independent rear wheel steering.

It’s  common named, self ceaselessly repeating electrical system, is his most recent and greatest invention. It is an electric vehicle drive mechanism for driving multiple alternators, it’s formal name. The self-charging car is powered by lithium batteries that are constantly charged by multiple alternators when the vehicle is in motion. This allows the car to travel great distances without needing to be recharged, thousands    upon thousands of miles.

Why Drive a Self-Charging Electric Vehicle?
The answer is easy. It needs no fuel; it saves you money; and it eliminates harmful emissions. Our owner and inventor saw the need to do something about global warming and to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. The electric cars we produce are completely self-charging. Instead of wasting money on gas, get behind the wheel in our cars. We’ll convert your current gas-powered vehicle. So, if you love your car, you can keep it.

A Patented Electric Vehicle with Multiple Alternators
Raynor Perpetual Electric Motors in Los Angeles has exclusive rights for our patented vehicle. That means no person or company can make anything like it. through this web site,  we are trying to get the word out about this industry-changing product. Be one of the first to get in on the ground floor by becoming a partner. We offer several levels of partnership. See our cont. and all bids pages for more information.

Contact us for requirements in becoming a partner. We proudly serve customers in Los Angeles, California, nationwide, and internationally.