It’s your business where you get your money from BUT, first and foremost, No organized crime money, in any shape, or form. Detection of such involvement in organized crime will AUTOMATICALLY result in immediate disqualification of any bidder, before, or after acceptance of said bid.

From A – investor / partner, B – investor / partner, & C – investor / partner, every investor / partner has the same rights, or lack of rights. Your rights are to receive quarterly reports, with profits. With a minimum of 15% reinvestment, out of profits, in the company FOR ALL PARTNERS, including my self. You the investor / partner will be mailed transferred, profits quarterly, to you, your account. Your lack of rights, No investor / partner can run the company, THAT IS MY JOB. As a result of your investment, you have the right to be one of the wealthiest Ladies, or Gentlemen on the earth. 5 Billion, or 5 million, it doesn’t matter. I WILL WHOLE HARDLY, LISTEN TO ANY SUGGESTION, MADE BY A PARTNER, BUT THE FINAL DECISION IS MINE! Also groups, companies or just one or two persons, ALL ARE WELCOME. This offer is for passenger cars, small & medium trucks, [ AS A CONCESSION ON MY PART, ALSO INCLUDES, ]  buses, large 18 wheeler trucks, trains &  MASS ENERGY PRODUCTION.  For the same %. I will open 8 conversion stations, than double that in, Los Angeles Calif., New York, Atlanta, Florida, Washington D. C., Memphis, Sacramento Calif., & Bermuda, with many more in the future. At some future point the Co. will Buy a battery factory.

  1. $ 25 million dollars, starting bid, With a $ 1 million dollars minimum bids.
  2. $ 10 million dollars, starting bid, with a $ 500,000 dollars minimum bids.
  3. $ 2 million dollars, starting bid, with a $ 50,000 dollars minimum bids.

ALL BIDS, must be E – Mailed to Maurice W. Raynor / R. P. E. M., at No bid will be verified, until bidding reaches three times the opening bid. At the point when I start verifying bids, all bidders must E – Mail R. P. E. M. their BIDS, full name, ph. #, & address. Also you must give me your Bank’s name, ph. #, location, & the banker’s full name, & ph. #. To accept your bid. With your, the banker’s permission, the three of us will get on the phone, on a three way, and ask just one question. In one, or a hundred accounts, does the bidder have enough to cover their bid, yes, or no. A, B, & C, investors will receive the same % for the battery factory, when acquired. The same % will apply to my new electric transmission, & my new interior temperature control system.

NOTE: Any potential partner, will become a partner ONLY by signing MY contract / documents. I will NOT sign any documents from a proposed partner, unless I chose to. My documentation will cover all that is necessary, for us to do business!

Help me stop global warming, help save the planet.

Thank you, I hope to make money with you, Mam, or Sir.