All persons having the desire to get a number, on the waiting list, for a conversion, ( FOR FREE ), MUST  send a, written request to Maurice W. Raynor / R. P. E. M., 6418 1/2 Brynhurst ave. L. A. Calif. 90043. With your name, ph. #, & address, and a number will be sent to you. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. You may NOT sell your card. If you gift your card, just let us know to who. All persons on the waiting list MUST show patience. The conversions are intricate, and a very extensive process, and takes time, as much as 4 to 6 weeks per customer, or more, if the customer wants more than just a conversion.

You the customer, must put down 1/3, of the final price of all work estimated, before work can begin. With the balance upon completion, failure to do so, will result in a CLAIM on your vehicle, after 120 DAYS. This is something, you the customer MUST agree to. I don’t have that 120 day period shorter, because I DON’T WANT YOUR VEHICLE.


New, & special rims, and tires are not considered extras, they are included.

We will use AC Motors. A 4- 40 hp. motor combination, could be a, 2- 80 hp., or a 1- 160 hp. motor, and that possibility applies to all combinations below.

1 – 40 hp. Motor, Electric Conversions – $ 63,300. – V. W. size.
2 – 40 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 83,300.
4 – 40 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 99,400.
6 – 40 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 115,500.
4 – 80 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 145,500 – Hummer size.
5 – 80 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 165,500.
6 – 80 hp. Motors, Electric Conversions – $ 185,500.

The average customer, will get from 1, to 6 – 40 hp. motors, or a single larger motor, Electric Conversions.

NOTE: Upon qualification, ALL R. P. E. M. customers will be afforded Chase Bank financing.
NOTE: As to the waiting list, from # 1, to # 20, are reserved for my personal distribution.

Thank you for your patience

Maurice W. Raynor

We retain your engine, & transmission, for parts, or resale. We also sell our own converted cars.